Sena HJC Intercom för IS-17 10U PAD

Sena HJC Intercom för IS-17 10U PAD

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Speciellt anpassad intercom för HJC IS-17. 10U PAD finns i två varianter, en som passar till IS-17 och en som passar till IS-MAX 2. 

Mer info och spec på engelska nedan. 


SENA Art nr: 10UPAD-01



The 10Upad is available in 2 models for the HJC IS-17 and HJC IS-MAX2 helmets (Sizes S-XL). It offers all of the functionality of a Sena Bluetooth headset, but is completely invisible from the outside of the helmet. Take and make phone calls, listen to GPS navigation, stream and share music, talk to other riders through 4-way intercom and more.

Created with an integrated unibody design, the 10Upad is easily installed into both the HJC IS-17 and HJC IS-MAX2 helmets. Simply replace the right and left cheek pads and you’re set. The tri-button control is located at the lower part of the left cheek pad for easy access while riding. Forget installation hassles, simply snap in the cheek pads and you’re good to go.

Control the seamlessly integrated 10Upad from your wrist, your handlebars, the body of your motorcycle, or anywhere else you can think of. The 10Upad is compatible with all Sena headset accessories including our Handlebar Remote, Wristband Remote, RC3, and RC4

Linking the 10Upad with the Sena Headset App (for iPhone and Android) allows you to configure device settings and access our quick start guide at the click of a button.


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